9 Times Lori And Marjorie Harvey Proved They’re The Hottest Mother-Daughter Instagram Duo

22 minutes ago

Lori Harvey is one of the hottest young models on the scene right now, and it’s very clear that a lot of her devastatingly good looks come directly from her mama, Marjorie Harvey. This absolutely stunning mother-daughter duo know exactly how to look their best for the ‘gram, and their pages are proof of that. It was difficult to choose the absolute best shots of mom and daughter, but somehow we managed.

When Lori and her mom visited Yusupov Palace in St. Petersburg, Russia, they did so in style. Both ladies wore all black for the occasion and rocked nearly identical outfits. The long, pencil skirts paired with their black blazers looked absolutely amazing on both mom and daughter alike.

Once again, Marjorie and Lori were nearly mirror images of each other dressed all in black. Marjorie’s floor-length drape steals the show. Lori might be an up and coming star, but she still has a lot to learn still from her mom.

Lori Harvey may have walked in some of the most famous catwalks in the world, but she’s never looked better than when strutting with Marjorie.

This is one of the cutest photos of both mother and daughter. Marjorie and Lori look fresh faced and casual, but somehow they’ve never looked better. Their eyes are absolutely glowing.

Twinning in Dolce & Gabbana dresses, one in red and one in black, Lori and Marjorie are even more beautiful than the flowers that adorn their dresses. It’s no wonder there’s a crowd formed just behind them. Who wouldn’t want to get a peek at these lovely ladies?

Over the years, Lori and Marjorie have travelled all over the world together. Their vacation and travel outfits are some of the highlights of their Instagram pages. The casual, yet elevated fashions suit them both very well.

How beautiful do Marjorie and Lori Harvey look in this photo? They might be wearing bright colors, but their smiles are even more radiant. And let’s not even talk about how glowing their skin is.

During a trip to Japan, Lori and her mom made a visit to a bamboo forest to show off their beautiful kimonos. The style looks amazing on them both.

And, of course, a collection of Lori’s hottest photos with her mom wouldn’t be complete without this upload from last October. Both ladies are rocking those animal print swimsuits. They look more like sisters than mother and daughter!

Marjorie Harvey, and her husband Steve Harvey, are often targeted in the tabloids, and sometimes Lori is dragged into the lies as well. Last summer, National Enquirer claimed the talk show host took Lori to Italy to get her away from Diddy, but the rapper followed them regardless. Gossip Cop determined that rumor was false. Steve Harvey and Marjorie are constantly rumored to be on the verge of divorce. Gossip Cop came across so many of these tales in the tabloids, we compiled them into an article of their own. Suffice to say, the tabloids have no insight into the Harvey family’s personal lives.

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