After Maya Ali, Mahira Khan announces short break from social media

Celebrities across the world use social media to update their fans and followers about their daily activities and same do the Pakistani stars.

But a few weeks back, Pakistani actress Maya Ali announced to take a short break from social media to find inner peace and reset whole system, and now superstar Mahira Khan is following in her footsteps and said that she was taking a short break from social media.

In the first week of April, the Parey Hut Love actress, Maya Ali turned to Instagram and said “Hello everyone, hope you’re all keeping well and doing great in quarantine. I know everyone is dealing with this in a different way but as I have mentioned already, there is always hope and this time shall pass too Insha ALLAH.”

“I am going to take a short break from social media. Everyone is doing their best in their own way to deal with this time. I thought it’s the best time to detox, to find inner peace and reset my whole system. I am grateful to ALLAH for all the blessings. Sometimes we need time to think and count our blessings,” she announced.

She further said, “Stay safe for yourself and for your loved ones. Talk to you all soon and love to all my fans.”

Now, superstar Mahira Khan has announced the same.

She took to Twitter and wrote, “Taking a break from social media, for a little bit. In times such as these (and otherwise) just remember – Sabr, Shukr and Tawakul”.

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