Alexandra Grant: Keanu Reeves’ Girlfriend Or Con Artist?

8 minutes ago

Ever since their red carpet debut, Keanu Reeves and Alexandra Grant have become one of the most talked about couples in the world, which might be because no one’s quite certain if they’re really a couple or not. It seems likely that they’re romantically involved, though it hasn’t been confirmed yet, and that likelihood has brought some strange rumors about Grant to light. Some diehard Reeves fans are behind some of the most bizarre, darkest rumors about Reeves’ relationship with the artist, with some going so far as to allege that Grant is simply taking advantage of the Matrix star.

It comes as no surprise that fans of Keanu Reeves are incredibly passionate about their favorite Hollywood star. With a career as stellar, dare we say excellent, as Reeves’, it’d be hard not to pick up a diehard fan or two. Reeves’ life has also been touched by deep tragedy after he lost both his unborn child and the child’s mother in the span of two years. Despite his heavy grief over the two losses, Reeves continued to be a bright spot in the world for his fans, enjoying a bit of internet celebrity as a result of his nearly universal popularity.

That popularity came back to bite him after he unveiled his alleged new girlfriend, Alexandra Grant, on the red carpet. While some commended the actor for choosing an “age appropriate” mate, though it should be noted that Reeves is about nine years Grant’s senior, others looked at Grant with suspicion. She wasn’t a widely known person, like others Reeves had been romantically linked to over the years, so there was an unknown quantity about her.

Grant’s mysterious nature meant that rumors about her grew almost overnight. Online haters began to say that Grant forced her way into Reeves’ life by just hanging around him until Reeves, too polite to turn her down, finally agreed to date her. Others alleged that there’s something fishy going on with Grant’s charity, the grantLOVE project. There’s absolutely zero evidence of any scandal involved with Grant’s philanthropic project, but these fans are certain that Grant is secretly a monster, so of course any charitable efforts on her end will seem untrustworthy to them.

There have also been unverified rumors that Grant is the person behind both recent and past paparazzi photos of the two out in public. Grant supposedly tipped the photographers off. This idea began to gain traction once these conspiracy theorists decided Grant was simply using Reeves as a means of gaining publicity for her art and other projects. These claims appear to be totally false. If Reeves and Grant are in a romantic relationship, which they appear to be, it’s not because Grant wants to use her relationship for publicity.

Keanu Reeves is no stranger to bizarre rumors, especially ones about his potential romantic relationships. Reeves and his former Speed costar, Sandra Bullock, have long been rumored to carry a torch for each other, which can lead to some interesting, yet false, tabloid stories. Woman’s Day reported that the two were in love with each other last May. Gossip Cop proved this wasn’t the case, and Bullock has been happily involved with someone else. In November, another tabloid claimed Grant and Reeves were getting married, and that Bullock was planning an engagement party for them. Once again, Gossip Cop learned this wasn’t the case.

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