Armeena Khan wants to play strong, self determined female character

It has been a while since the viewers have seen Armeena Khan on their television screens. The actress has been active on her social media but her fans want her to watch the actress flaunting her acting skills.

Recently, one of her fans asked her why she has not done any project lately?  Armeena was last seen in drama serial daldal which aired in 2017.

In reply to the fan’s query, Armeena explained,

“This is an interesting question, so I will try to give a detailed answer. People work for two reasons: Because they need financial stability (thankfully, that wasn’t the case for me) or because they have a passion or an incentive.”

She went on to say,

“I used to get angry at the kind of projects that were coming my way. Why would you work for something that is killing your passion?”

Armeena believes that the projects which come to her had killed her acting passion. She will continue to work after a decent script will be offered to her.

A few days back, Armeena also replied to her fans on Twitter explaining why she has taken a break from working

I’d love to play a strong, self determined female character. I’d literally love to kick some backsides in an action movie 😍

— Armeena 🦋 (@ArmeenaRK) July 14, 2020

She also revealed that she had signed one project but it was closed due to the pandemic.

Yes, I signed one back in March then Covid shut us down. Let’s see when we go back on set again 🙂

— Armeena 🦋 (@ArmeenaRK) July 14, 2020

Armeena also made a big revelation about working on a movie.

All I’m going to say is that I am ON it and it won’t be anything ordinary.

— Armeena 🦋 (@ArmeenaRK) July 14, 2020

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