Blue Ivy Carter, North West “Battling” Over Music Careers?

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Are North West and Blue Ivy Carter, daughters of Kim Kardashian and Beyonce Knowles-Carter respectively, battling to be the next big diva in the music industry? One tabloid reported this was the case. Gossip Cop looked into the matter and arrived at the truth.

Early this year, NW reported that North West, 7, and Blue Ivy Carter, 8, have bad blood and it’s all due to the girls’ ambitions to be the next big thing in music. The disreputable publication’s “sources” claimed the two girls were “in a bitter battle to be the next Queen B,” which their parents were supposedly encouraging.

Blue Ivy apparently thought she had a lock on the prize, since her mother was reportedly retiring in order to make way for her daughter to step into the limelight. Already, the talented grade schooler had won two impressive awards: the Soul Train Music Awards’ Ashford & Simpson Songwriter’s Award as well as the NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Duo or Group for her work on her mom’s song, “Brown Skin Girls.”

But, only a few days later, “much to Blue’s horror,” Kanye West had North rap at his Paris catwalk show. “Oh, it was a declaration of war alright,” a source told the outlet, adding that neither Kanye or Kim felt bad about supposedly stealing Blue Ivy’s thunder since they’d been “planning North’s career the moment they realized she had musical talent.”

“Blue is actually outraged that Kanye’s giving North a shot when she’s only six,” the ridiculous tipster continued. “It’s like a two-year head start. She’s incredibly competitive, so her nose was really out of joint about this. It completely overshadowed winning her first big music award!”

The shady publication regurgitated supposed “reports” that claimed Blue Ivy had “already laid down over 100 songs in her daddy’s studio and has signed an eight-album deal with his label Roc Nation.” There have been no credible reports that Blue has signed any sort of record deal, which is probably why the outlet only cited vague “reports.”

The eldest daughter of Jay-Z and Beyonce had “literally been working towards this all her life. She is not happy about North stepping onto her territory, nor is she going to sit back and let her steal her crown.”Kanye, meanwhile, has turned his daughter’s musical career into his new “obsession.” He’s enrolled her in a “musical boot camp” of sorts, which includes singing, dancing, and rapping lessons, in order to “tighten up all her skills.” This was perhaps one of the strangest, most bizarre stories Gossip Cop has ever encountered.

First of all, who is this source who claimed to have so much insight into the “beef” between a seven and an eight-year-old? Secondly, are we to believe that an eight-year-old keeps so on top of current events and pop culture that Blue was not only aware that Kanye West had a Paris catwalk show, but that the rapper had his daughter perform? The very basis of this story is so silly, it’s difficult to take any of this seriously. Does Blue Ivy take it equally hard when new artists join the music industry?

The quote about how she’s been working on her “career” for her “entire life,” is downright stupid when you remember the girl is only eight-years-old! No shade towards Blue Ivy or her talents, but she also happens to be the child of two wildly successful entertainers who have included their daughter on some of their ventures, which would make her theoretical entry into the music business a lot easier. To say that Blue has worked hard on her “career” is like saying a kid who was given a credit card by their parents has good credit.

North and Blue have no beef, whether it’s over their “music careers” or over toys. The outlet ought to feel ashamed of itself for pitting these children against each other over an imaginary battle just to fill space. North West in particular is a favorite tabloid target thanks to her headline-grabbing parents. NW reported last fall that North couldn’t recognize old photos of Kim Kardashian, causing Kanye to forbid Kim from any further plastic surgery. Nothing could be further from the truth, Gossip Cop found. Likewise, the rumor that Kim was leaving Kanye and taking the kids with her was also false.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.

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