Cody Simpson Sending Miley Cyrus To Rehab For ‘Meltdown’ Over Liam Hemsworth Baby News?

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Was Miley Cyrus nearly sent to rehab over her freakout after the news that ex-husband Liam Hemsworth had knocked up his new girlfriend, model Gabriella Brooks? One tabloid predicted that the pop star would soon need rehab over her “meltdown.” Gossip Cop investigated the rumor and came to a much different conclusion.

In March, NW claimed that Cyrus went into a tailspin after learning that Hemsworth’s new girlfriend was supposedly pregnant with the actor’s baby. Brooks was reportedly seen “patting a small baby bump” while surfing in Australia. A suspicious source told the outlet, “Miley lost it over those pics,” adding that the “Malibu” singer “thought she was owning this breakup and truly believed this new chick was just a balm to help Liam get over her.”

The realization that her ex had already moved on threw Cyrus for a loop, the shady tipster continued. “She never once considered that his feelings for Gabriella are real, let alone the fact that he’s now tied to her in a way he will never be tied to Miley,” they said. Though Cyrus had recently revealed that she’d had a “full-on anxiety attack” over the coronavirus pandemic, the source informed the outlet that seeing her ex-husband with a new woman “also triggered her meltdown.”

The article then mentioned that things had “certainly been tough for the pop star lately” and brought up recent comments from Cyrus about her body image issues stemming from bullying after Cyrus’ 2013 VMA performance. “I was just so skinny and so pasty, and they kept putting me next to this turkey,” Cyrus admitted while speaking to Demi Lovato on Cyrus’ Instagram Live show, Bright Minds. “I was feeling so bad about myself.”

None of this is particularly relevant to the rumor at hand, but the tabloid felt the need to add in this information in order to make Cyrus look unbalanced. That theory was pretty much proven by the so-called source’s next statement. “She’s a control freak who obsesses over everything — from her food to her exercise regime,” the tipster tattled. “Every time she starts to panic or if she eats even the tiniest snack, she works out aggressively in front of a mirror in their home gym.”

Miley Cyrus’ new beau, Cody Simpson, was apparently shocked by his girlfriend’s sudden change. “The thought of Liam having a kid has sent Miley into an overdrive Cody’s never seen before,” tattled the source. He’s now “monitoring her behavior” and “won’t hesitate to put her in rehab to get her professional help.” The problem with that, though, is that people cannot be checked into rehab against their will unless they are forced to by a legal guardian or by court order. Simpson, who has been dating Cyrus since October, would have zero legal standing to force Cyrus into rehab. That’s assuming that rehab would ever be necessary in the first place.

It should come as no surprise that Gabriella Brooks is not pregnant. Recent Instagram postings by the model show that her stomach shows no signs of a baby bump. If she was slightly showing almost four months ago, Brooks would definitely be visibly pregnant by now, and she’s not. If Liam Hemsworth and Brooks aren’t expecting, there’s no reason for a “meltdown” from Miley Cyrus. This is just more mean spirited reporting from NW, which is why Gossip Cop rates this story as completely false.

This particular tabloid has gotten the story wrong so many times when it comes to Cyrus and her relationships with both Cody Simpson and Liam Hemsworth that Gossip Cop knows better than to trust their reporting. Just this March, the outlet claimed that Cyrus and Simpson were getting married in Australia. We discovered this was not the case. Before that, the gossip rag reported that Cyrus was planning to write a tell-all about her marriage with Hemsworth. Cyrus is doing no such thing, Gossip Cop found. It was just more lies from a tabloid that cares more about creating eye-catching headlines than publishing the truth.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.

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