Dennis Quaid And His Fiancee Hoping For A Baby Before Getting Married?

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Are Dennis Quaid and his fiancée Laura Savoie planning to have a baby before getting married? That’s what one tabloid was claiming a while ago. But Gossip Cop can prove it’s false.

Last month, OK! claimed that Quaid and his fiancée have put their wedding on the backburner in order to have a kid. “This is the most compatible relationship he’s ever had,” a so-called “friend” says. “That’s why he welcomes starting a family with Laura – being an old dad doesn’t faze him.” The Midway actor already has a 28-year-old son and 12-year-old twins.

The tabloid adds that the spouses-to-be don’t have a wedding date yet, but “neither of them minds if a baby comes before they tie the knot.” The 66-year-old Quaid “has plenty of energy to handle a newborn,” the source finishes. “Dennis says he’s going into this new life with Laura brave and fearless.”

While it’s possible Quaid and Savoie will one day have kids of their own, Gossip Cop has learned that this tabloid’s claims are simply incorrect. Rather than postponing their wedding to get pregnant, Quaid and Savoie have actually already gotten married. The couple had a secret wedding at a resort in Santa Barbara earlier this month, according to the latest issue of People. “It was beautiful,” Quaid told the trustworthy publication. “I just love who she is as a person.”

While Dennis Quaid’s name doesn’t show up in tabloids very often, his second ex-wife, Meg Ryan, has been a tabloid favorite for years. Last year, the National Enquirer claimed that Ryan and her on-again, off-again boyfriend John Mellencamp had secretly gotten married. As Enquirer claims go, it wasn’t that outlandish, considering Ryan and Mellencamp were engaged at the time. But, as Gossip Cop pointed out nearly a year after the story was published, Ryan and Mellencamp eventually broke off their engagement. So much for that.

This April, the New Idea published a story alleging that Ryan was trying to reunite with Russell Crowe, whom she’d had a brief fling with two decades ago. Crowe “probably thought things were well and finished with them,” a shady source told the tabloid, “but she’s always held a candle for Russell and now she’s single and it’s the perfect opportunity to reconnect.” Gossip Cop checked in with a rep for Ryan qualified to speak on her behalf, who assured us the story was nonsense, just like this latest claim about Dennis Quaid.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.

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