Have We Figured Out Who RMR, The Viral Masked ‘Rascal’ Rapper, Is?

24 minutes ago

Another masked artist has begun to gain some notoriety after going viral online. Rapper RMR, which is pronounced as “rumor,” exploded onto the scene with his wildly popular song “Rascal.” The fusion of hip hop and country music might be a clue about RMR’s true identity, and some fans think he might be a finalist from season 15 of The Voice.

A ski mask, a grill, a Saint Laurent bulletproof vest, and a lot of guns. Those are the images that stick with most people who have seen RMR’s breakout hit music video for his song, “Rascal.” The video is a bit controversial, not only for the imagery, but for the language inside the song itself. In the song’s chorus, RMR curses at the police. But what stands out most, even more than the imagery or the controversy, is RMR’s voice.

He opens the song with an a capella version of the Rascal Flatts song “These Days” before the song transitions to a rendition of “Bless The Broken Road,” though there were, of course, some key changes. Instead of the song being about divorce and God changing your life for good, it’s a song about how the rapper has turned the women who’ve broken his heart into “hoes I scam.” It’s interesting that the Rascal Flatts cover is what went viral since some people think it might have been a giant clue about RMR’s real identity.

Another performer covered a Rascal Flatts’ song in recent years, a crooner named Kirk Jay on the singing competition show The Voice. “Bless The Broken Road” was also Jay’s opening song, and his rendition was so impressive, all four judges turned their chairs to vy for the chance to coach him. Jay’s amazing voice led him all the way to third place in the competition.

Now fans believe he may be moonlighting as the latest viral rapper to take off online. It’s true, their voices do sound suspiciously similar. They both have a bit of a quaver to their voice that’s so unique, it’s hard to imagine another artist would use the same style at nearly the same time, but in an entirely different genre. Also, it’s hard to tell underneath the mask, but Jay and RMR do favor slightly. That being said, Jay seems to be hard at work focusing on his country album, while RMR’s been enjoying the reception to his recently released album, Drug Dealing Is A Lost Art. Of course, it is possible for an artist to work on multiple projects at the same time.

Then again, until he takes off the mask or until we’re able to learn a little more about him, it’s hard to make any determinations for sure. What is clear is that RMR is a young artist who doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon, much like another mysterious masked artist we’ve covered in the past. We wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a very familiar face beneath the mask when RMR finally does reveal himself. We’ll try not to be smug if things work out in our favor, but no promises that we won’t sulk if we end up being wrong.

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