How Much Are ‘The Masked Singer’ Judges Worth?

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The Masked Singer is a wildly popular show, with millions of fans tuning in faithfully for each episode to make their guess at the faces behind the mask. The judges, Ken Jeong, Jenny McCarthy, Robin Thicke, and Nicole Scherzinger, are definitely to thank for the show’s success which begs the question: how much are these celebrity judges worth now?

While it’s still unknown just how much the judges make per episode, some research has gone into figuring out how much each of the stars are worth. Gossip Cop used multiple estimates from a variety of celebrity net worth sites to make our determination, but it should be noted that even between these sites, the figures can vary wildly.

Jenny McCarthy, the radio host, author, and former reality TV star was a no brainer addition to the Masked Singer judges table. McCarthy knows how to bring the laughs and her chemistry with her fellow judges, especially Ken Jeong, who she’s seated next to at the table, makes her a fan favorite. McCarthy is estimated to be worth about $25 million by Celebrity Net Worth, but that number combines McCarthy and her husband, Donnie Wahlberg’s net worths. However, The Richest estimates Wahlberg to be worth $20 million on his own, with McCarthy worth $15 million, which is the value also listed by Wealthy Persons. Without taking a peek at the famous couple’s taxes, it’s impossible to know which site is correct, though thanks to the success of The Masked Singer, as well as money from her ten books and Sirius XM radio show, not to mention her husband’s role on the highly popular Blue Bloods, it’s likely McCarthy’s net worth is closer to $35 million.

Robin Thicke comes from a line of talented entertainers, including his late father Alan Thicke and his brothers Brennan and Carter, who’ve both followed their dad’s footsteps and acted. Thicke, however, ventured into a different, but related, profession and pursued a music career. It was wildly successful, obviously. Thicke is believed to be worth $10 million according to Celebrity Net Worth, but The Richest lists his worth at $15 million. One estimate, out of Wealthy Persons, lists Thicke’s net worth at $20 million, which just proves how inconsistent these figures can be.

Ken Jeong has led a successful acting career. After his breakout performance in The Hangover, Jeong went on to join the cast of NBC’s critically acclaimed sitcom Community before starring in his own sitcom, Dr. Ken, for two seasons. Jeong was also part of the cast of Crazy Rich Asians, which is no doubt why the comedian is thought to be worth about $14 million according to reporting from Celebrity Net Worth. Most of the other sites of that nature, such as The Richest, list the same number for Jeong, which makes us fairly confident the estimate is moderately trustworthy.

Former member of the Pussycat Dolls, Nicole Scherzinger is one talented vocal artist. She voiced Sina, mother of Moana, in the hit Disney cartoon, where she reunited with Jermaine Clement, who she co-starred with in 2012’s Men In Black III. Proving she’s a woman of many talents, Scherzinger also won Season 10 of Dancing With The Stars. Anyone with talents of that magnitude deserves a net worth to match, which is probably why Scherzinger has an estimated net worth of $12 million by Celebrity Net Worth. That’s by no means a definite number, however, since The Richest lists Scherzinger’s worth at $8 million, while Wealthy Persons shows $15 million. The pop star’s true worth is probably somewhere between $8 and $12 million now that she’s a judge on The Masked Singer, but it’s hard to tell for certain without being Scherzinger’s accountant.

Though Nick Cannon isn’t a judge on The Masked Singer, he has an integral role in the show as the host. His antics with the contestants are some of the funniest, most charming moments of the show, and is part of what made it a hit in the first place. Since his breakout days on Nickelodeon’s All That, Cannon went on to find success on MTV with his show Wild n Out. After that came even more success once Cannon was tapped to host America’s Got Talent shortly after his divorce from Mariah Carey. Now it’s believed that Cannon is worth close to $30 million by Celebrity Net Worth, though other sites, like Groove Wallet, have estimated that his net worth could be as high as $60 million. That essentially makes him the richest person on the show.

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