Jennifer Lopez, Alex Rodriguez Having A Baby Instead Of Getting Married?

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Are Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez having a baby instead of getting married? One tabloid this week claims so. Gossip Cop can explain the situation.

“Forget the wedding, we’re having a baby!” reads the headline of a new article published in Heat. The tabloid is claiming that Rodriguez and Lopez are making the most of their delayed wedding plans to have a baby together. “They’ll set another date once things calm down,” a supposed “insider” tells the outlet, “but Alex and Jen know they’re going to spend the rest of their lives together.”

“Kids were one of the first things they discussed when they started dating,” the shady source continues. “They feel that IVF is the way to go.” Since the nuptials have “taken a backseat,” the tabloid writes, “it’s the perfect time to add to their family.”

So, Lopez has indeed confirmed that she would like to have more children. She told People in an interview last December, “I don’t know what’s in God’s plan but I would like to try” for more children with Rodriguez. Gossip Cop wouldn’t be at all surprised if Lopez and Rodriguez do end up adding one more to their combined family.

That being said, more recent interviews Lopez has given didn’t seem to indicate that she has babies on the brain right now. “We are just kind of in a holding pattern like the rest of the world,” she explained in an interview on with Ellen DeGeneres in April. Just this week, she appeared on The Today Show saying, “there’s no planning right now. You just have to kind of wait and see how this all plays out.” While it’s clear the wedding has been put on hold, it doesn’t seem like Lopez is trying to set any plans in stone right now — and that includes having another baby, of course.

Gossip Cop should also note that just a couple months ago, we shot down Heat’s sister publication, NW, for a different story alleging that the 50-year-old actress was pregnant with a “miracle baby.” We were told by a trusted source close to the couple that the story was untrue. So you can perhaps understand why we’re a little bit suspicious of tabloid claims about Lopez having more kids.

In April, Gossip Cop also busted Heat for an article claiming that Lopez and Rodriguez were planning to star in a movie together. Another anonymous “insider” claimed that Lopez felt she had “unfinished business” in the realm of acting in rom-coms with her partners. Her 2003 film Gigli, in which she co-starred with Ben Affleck, had been panned, and 17 years later, she apparently wasn’t over it. A source close to Lopez assured us that she and Rodriguez were not developing a film project together, and Lopez herself had stated previously that she had “no regrets” about the old movie. The entire premise was fabricated.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.

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