Johnny Depp Has A Few Things To Thank His Fanbase For

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There are few actors in Hollywood at the moment more controversial, or more beloved, than Johnny Depp. After his divorce from his wife of two years, Amber Heard, accusations of abuse came from both sides, leading to both stars being “cancelled” at different points in time during the duration of their very public battle. Depp, however, has something that Heard doesn’t have: an army of fiercely loyal fans who have stuck with him throughout, which makes them one of the most devoted fan bases in the industry. Sorry Beyhive and Monsters, but they might have you beat.

Johnny Depp Fans Have Always Been On His Side

Throughout all of Johnny Depp’s scandals, there has been an incredibly vocal group in his corner defending him from all angles. Sure, family and friends have spoken out in support of Depp after he was accused of abusing his ex-wife, Heard. And, since a few of them gave their support in the form of testifying on his behalf as part of his ongoing legal battle with Heard, their support has probably had the largest impact on how that legal situation is going. But it has to be heartening to the actor to learn just how much support he’s gotten from everyday fans.

The court battle between Depp and Heard has been especially nasty, with accusations of horrible abuse being thrown out from either side. Heard was the first to come forward about her abuse, writing an op ed in the Washington Post about how often the public and the media turn against people who come forward with accusations of abuse and sexual harassment. Depp retaliated by filing a defamation suit against Heard for $50 million. Then came a leak that totally changed public perception — which fans of Depp are responsible for spreading.

They Managed To Change The Public’s Mind

Proof appeared that seemed to back up Johnny Depp’s claims that he was a victim of domestic abuse himself. Several graphic photos were shared online depicting Depp suffering from grisly wounds. Previously, only images of Amber Heard’s injuries had been leaked to the public, which made many sympathetic towards the Aquaman actress and led to calls for Depp to be dropped from his prospective projects, including calls for him to be fired from his role in Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald. This new evidence cast a new light on the case, and Depp fans took full advantage of the new twist.

Fans got #JusticeForJohnnyDepp trending on Twitter and continue to speak out in support of him to this day.

Johnny Depp Is Still A Target

Depp’s loyal fanbase has been a huge supporter of the embattled actor. Despite their support, however, he has still been a favorite subject of the tabloids. There have been so many stories about Depp’s ongoing battle with Heard that Gossip Cop compiled them all together in an article of their own to keep track of the rumors.

His relationship with Amber Heard isn’t the only aspect of Depp’s life that gets written about in the tabloids. In November, the Globe claimed Depp’s friends feared the actor would be dead by Christmas. Obviously, this prediction never came true, and Depp wound up surviving Christmas. While the actor may be a frequent focus for gossip, at least he’ll have fans on his side to combat the impressive amount of misinformation about him.

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