Julia Roberts Fighting With Her Husband, Danny Moder, Over Where To Live?

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Are Julia Roberts and her husband, Danny Moder, arguing over where they should live? A tabloid claims the couple are having it out over their living situation. Gossip Cop can correct the story.

“Danny & Julia’s Turf Wars” reads the headline for the recent article from OK! and according to the tabloid, Julia Roberts has wants to move to San Francisco ever since she spent $8 million for a home in the area last year. However, a supposed source purports her husband, Danny Moder, is “refusing” to leave their home in L.A. “Danny’s fighting for a few reasons. First off, he’s an L.A. native who has all his friends in Southern California, and he’s not so into the hippie-dippy lifestyle Julia wants to live,” the so-called source states.

The alleged insider continues, “Plus, he’s far away from his family in Palm Springs, it’s already a two-hour drive.” The outlet maintains the actress simply wants a “break” from the Hollywood scene but the cinematographer wants to stay put in case any job opportunities turn up. “It’s put a real damper on their anniversary,” the sketchy insider adds. The spouses’ anniversary is on the Fourth of July. “The day will probably be super low-key now because neither of them feels like celebrating when things are so tense,” concludes the unnamed source.

For some reason, the tabloids love to insinuate Roberts and Moder are in some sort of drama. This time seems no different. Even if the spouses cant agree on where they want to live, which is unlikely, it doesn’t mean the marriage is in trouble. Also, we’ve proven in the past that OK! is untrustworthy when it comes to reporting on Roberts and Moder’s marriage. In August 2019, we busted the unreliable publication for insinuating Julia Roberts and Danny Moder went on a vacation to save their marriage. The bogus story alleged after the couple’s trip to Hawaii, their marriage was “back on track.” Gossip Cop investigated the suspicious story and found it to be inaccurate.

Recently, we busted the magazine again for falsely claiming Roberts and Moder were fighting to maintain their marriage. The phony story alleged Roberts and Moder were “trying to make it work” despite having “major issues” in their marriage. The outlet further contended that “Their marriage is still a work in progress, but they’re both in agreement that divorce isn’t an option.” Gossip Cop corrected this false narrative by once again noting the couple are fine and aren’t having any issues their relationship. Because of this and other outlandish rumors we’ve debunked about Julia Roberts and Danny Moder, we’re also giving this recent story a “false” verdict.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.

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