Karl Cook: The Unsaid Truth About Kaley Cuoco’s Husband

Karl Cook and Kaley Cuoco have been married for years now, and it’s hard to find any legitimate evidence of disharmony. For years, the only thing people really knew about the equestrian was that he and his wife lived separately — although they have since moved in together now that their new home is finally complete. Still, as someone married to such an intensely popular actress, he gets a very specific kind of coverage from celebrity media. Here’s what they’re saying about Cook, and what’s really going on with him.

The Living Separately Thing Is Worth Noting

As we just mentioned, Karl Cook and Kaley Cuoco lived in their own places for most of their relationship. Cuoco idly mentioned in an interview at one point, and the revelation churned up a ton of gossip about the state of the relationship, even after the two married. Around their first wedding anniversary, Life & Style published a rumor that essentially argued that their decision to live apart pointed to bad signs for the relationship. “One of the reasons why Kaley doesn’t live with Karl is because they clash over just about everything,” one unnamed tipster revealed. “They have very different personalities.” Although things seemed alright for the couple, the clash was a sign and “friends fear it’s only a matter of time before they divorce.”

Even once the couple moved into together, the constant comments about their living situation continued. Take, for example, the Woman’s Day article from a few weeks ago that argued that Kaley Cuoco and Karl Cook’s marriage was essentially destined to fall apart. The outlet heaped most of the responsibility for the marital strife squarely on Cuoco, claiming that she sold her old home and moved into the shared new home a little too quickly. “Everyone’s convinced she’s fast-tracked this sale because she’s looking for an escape pad in New York, far away from their new marital home in LA as possible,” an anonymous source said. “It’s typical of Kaley to have an exit strategy the moment she’s carried over the threshold by some poor chump.”

That chump, of course, was Cook. The source seemed to feel a need to crack a joke at his expense since Cuoco had announced their move-in with an Instagram story of Cook literally carrying her inside their impressive home. They also added that despite what the couple’s social media posts may indicate, there were serious problems in the relationship: “This marriage is a ticking time bomb. Moving in together is only going to set it off.” The magazine didn’t exactly explain what caused the rift or what they could be fighting over, but it was confident in its divorce verdict.

Kaley Cuoco Is Supposedly The Boss

Another section of the gossip is starkly different. Instead of an even-sided split, a surprising amount of rumors portray Cook as some sort of subservient or put-upon husband. OK! said that Cook had been eager to become a father after marrying Cuoco, but she put a hold on any family plans until the conclusion of Big Bang Theory. “Karl has been eager to start a family for a while, but it was hard for Kaley to imagine juggling a pregnancy with shooting a primetime TV show,” the magazine’s insider told them.

That wasn’t the only time Big Bang Theory came up, as several publications speculated about what they perceived as an unbalanced relationship. Star has talked about the stresses of filming the show before in a piece about Cook feeling ignored. According to the tabloid’s anonymous source, “It’s a huge problem. The only time she pays him any attention is on the weekend, when they go see their horses, which is just about the only thing they have in common. Kaley is all business the rest of the time.”

There was also a rumor that appeared in the Globe soon after Cook and Cuoco wed. The actress had shoulder surgery shortly after tying the knot, and the magazine had reason to believe that the resulting recovery process was turning their honeymoon period sour. “She’s constantly barking orders at him to get her cookies and tea or whatever else she wants,” an insider explained. “So far, marriage has been all about Kaley! Karl must be wondering what he got himself into.” “He’s been stuck at home ever since, being run ragged by her constant demands!”

Arguably the kindest but roughest of these stories are the murmurs that are supposedly from Kaley Cuoco’s friends. OK! once reported that the actress’ inner circle was suspicious of Cook due to the possibility he could devastate her in a divorce. “If things go south and he wants to collect from her, he’s got an army of his dad’s lawyers to mount a divorce battle,” an unnamed tipster proclaimed.

The Truth About Karl Cook And Kaley Cuoco

It’s clear from these rumors that the only thing the gossip media knows about Karl Cook is that he’s an equestrian. Otherwise, they’ve been misleading at best and malicious at worst. The simple reality of the situation is that the two lived apart until they both had their ideal living situation, which is a scenario that inspires jealousy in most everyday people. Their plans may have changed due to the coronavirus and self-isolation, but it’s obvious that they made the right call looking at them now. They’ve never seemed happier, and even if the rumors don’t mention it, the fact is Karl Cook and Kaley Cuoco are a good couple.

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