Keith Urban And Nicole Kidman Fighting Non-Stop Due To Pandemic Lockdown?

Have Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman been fighting non-stop in the pandemic lockdown? That’s what one tabloid story this week is claiming. Gossip Cop can debunk the phony report.

In a section titled “Hollywood’s Worst Husbands,” Life & Style’s latest issue is contending that quarantine during the coronavirus pandemic has not been good for Kidman and Urban’s marriage. “Nicole and Keith are not used to spending this much time together,” says a supposed “insider.” “They both work a lot and are used to spending a lot of time apart; it works for them. Now, being side by side 24/7 has caused tension.” Their Nashville home, the shady tipster says, has “become a battleground.”

The focal point of the tension is allegedly “past cheating rumors” that Kidman “can’t stop thinking about.” The tabloid also brings up the couple’s supposed work in marriage counseling in 2018, as well as – for no apparent reason – Urban’s stint in rehab a few months into their marriage in 2006. “She loves him to death,” the source finishes, “but sometimes, especially when he’s in the middle of picking a fight, Nicole still thinks she doesn’t know the real Keith.”

Gossip Cop looked into this story and has discovered that it’s just completely wrong. We checked in with Kidman’s rep, who told us on the record that the story was “not true.” In an interview with ET Online back in April, Urban stated that quarantine had been difficult for him (as it has been for basically everybody to some degree), but that he was making the most of it. “[We’ve had] lots and lots of family time, and I’ve actually been really enjoying that,” he said. Additionally, in a Father’s Day Instagram post Kidman called Urban a “truly great father.” They are clearly still pretty happy together.

There’s also that bit about Kidman and Urban going to marriage counseling, which the tabloid seems to have picked up from a 2018 article published in In Touch. Gossip Cop debunked that article at the time, having been told by a trusted source that the story was nonsense. And as for Urban’s trip to rehab, that was fourteen years ago and he’s been sober ever since. There’s no point in bringing that up except to be insulting.

Furthermore, it appears that these “cheating rumors” surrounding Urban only exist within the fantasy world of Life & Style. Last June, the magazine wrote that Kidman was “keeping tabs” on her husband, aware of “all the stories about his flirty nature.” The evidence for this, supposedly, was that Kidman had “dragged”  Urban to the Season 2 premiere of Big Little Lies because he couldn’t be trusted to be left alone. Gossip Cop was told by Kidman’s rep that the story was false. Sometimes loving husbands just show up to events to support their wives.

A month after that, the tabloid reported that Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban were splitting up after a supposedly unpleasant trip to Australia. The reason was once again jealousy, with both spouses supposedly being suspicious of the other’s fidelity. The actress’ spokesperson once again told us the story was nonsense. Considering how much the couple engage in PDA and how lovingly they speak about each other all the time, why is this magazine so set against the idea of them just… being happy together

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.

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