Kelly Ripa Threatening To Quit ‘Live’ If Ryan Seacrest Moves To LA?

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Is Kelly Ripa leaving Live! With Ryan and Kelly if Ryan Seacrest permanently relocates to LA? A blog alleges Ripa is “threatening” to leave. Gossip Cop has investigated the story. Here’s what we found out.

According to the website, NaughtyGossip, Kelly Ripa is warning to leave Live! With Ryan and Kelly if Ryan Seacrest doesn’t return to New York City. Since the coronavirus epidemic hit, Seacrest has been filming the show from his home in Los Angeles but supposed “talk” of him relocating to LA permanently is not sitting well with Ripa.

Live! has always been shot in New York. It started as a local New York show with Kathie Lee and Regis before it went national. The thought of the show leaving the city is awful and Kelly is having none of it,” a supposed source is quoted stating. The so-called insider continues that Ripa is a New Yorker and she is not leaving the big apple for Seacrest or anyone. “If Ryan wants to do the show from Hollywood, then they will have to pick between Ryan and Kelly because she is not going,” the alleged insider adds.

The outlet maintains the staff from the popular daytime show agrees with Ripa. However so-called insiders state Seacrest will be back in New York as soon as it’s safe for production to start up again. “But, the website purports, let’s be honest, Ryan is an LA type of guy. And now the door has been opened to him doing the show from LA, this will be something that is not going to go away!”

It seems like every other week Gossip Cop is busting rumors that Ryan Seacrest is leaving Live! or that there’s some sort of drama between him and Kelly Ripa. This time isn’t any different. Ripa is not “threatening” to leave the show and Seacrest has not confirmed he is permanently relocating to Los Angeles. This is just another recycled tale Gossip Cop already corrected.

Last month, we busted the National Enquirer, who is affiliated with NaughtyGossip, for alleging that Ryan Seacrest was leaving Live! to live in Los Angeles permanently. The phony story asserted Seacrest and Ripa we’re going their separate ways due to Seacrest wanting to stay in Los Angeles permanently. The paper maintained Seacrest wanted to do the show from L.A. but Ripa didn’t want to leave New York. Doesn’t this sound familiar? Gossip Cop investigated the story and found it be inaccurate.

Last week, Gossip Cop debunked Closer Weekly for insisting Seacrest was considering moving to L.A. permanently. The magazine based its story on the words of an untraceable and unnamed source who made similar allegations as other outlets. After looking into the story, we found it to be false as well. The bottom line is neither Ripa nor Seacrest is leaving the show. And until it’s confirmed from either host or a more reputable outlet, no one should feed into this silly rumor.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.

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