Lady Gaga Pregnant, Engaged To Michael Polansky?

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Is Lady Gaga pregnant and engaged to her boyfriend, Michael Polansky? A tabloid article this week is claiming that the couple are taking things to the next level. Gossip Cop isn’t so sure.

According to this week’s Couples “News,” as In Touch insists on calling it, Lady Gaga is allegedly both expecting a child and secretly engaged to her boyfriend of seven months. Accompanying the tabloid article is a photo of Lady Gaga snapped by paparazzi a couple of weeks ago that supposedly displays her “telltale bump.” “Gaga is absolutely glowing,” an unnamed “source” says. “All of her friends think it’s true because she won’t give a straight answer about it.”

The tabloid also mentions a “series of rocky relationships” that Gaga has endured recently, including a “romance with Bradley Cooper that fizzled when he couldn’t commit.” But Polansky, the source says, is her “perfect match.” “Her friends think the pair might also be secretly engaged,” says the shady tipster. “Gaga is living her best life right now. That’s why she’s moving forward with her dreams – she wants a loving husband and a family.”

We’re happy to think that Gaga has found her forever guy, and it’s entirely possible that Gaga and Polansky may be taking big steps in their relationship at some point soon. But let’s just consider what exactly this article is claiming. The tabloid has decided based on a single photo of Gaga’s body that she must be sporting a baby bump, even though that’s not always something you can tell from a photo. And who is this “source” supposed to be? The don’t even confirm that Gaga is pregnant, just that “all her friends think it’s true.” And why would she lie to her friends about that? The story just doesn’t add up.

Additionally, while the singer’s Chromatica Ball Tour won’t go forward this summer, it was just announced a couple days ago that she’s moving it to next year. Are we supposed to believe she would still be planning to do a world tour after just giving birth to a baby?

Also, Gossip Cop is honestly surprised that we still have to clarify this but Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga never dated. They weren’t romantically involved on any level. That was just the movie they were in together, A Star Is Born. Once again we have a case of a tabloid looking at the pretty moving pictures on a screen and confusing them for real life.

In Touch has tried to pull that “Cooper/Gaga” schtick multiple times in the past, Gossip Cop debunking each one. Funnily enough, almost exactly a year ago the tabloid insisted that the A Star Is Born co-stars were having a baby together. Cooper had recently split up with model Irina Shayk, and another anonymous source claimed it was because Gaga was pregnant with his child. We checked in with a source close to Gaga, who informed us the story was made up. Other recent reports from reliable news outlets had confirmed what we already knew was true: that Gaga and Cooper are seriously just friends.

And yet, the tabloid refused to let it go. By this January, the pregnancy rumor had been forgotten and the outlet was claiming that Gaga had “moved on” from Cooper with a new “mystery man” she’d been spotted kissing on New Year’s Eve. As we would all learn later, that man was Polansky, but the rest of the report wasn’t true. In a November interview with Oprah Winfrey for Elle, Lady Gaga yet again clarified that no, she and Cooper were never anything more than friends. There was simply nothing to “move on” from.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop cannot come to a verdict either way.

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