large Brother All-Stars: Nicole Franzel wins HoH competition and nominates Christmas Abbott and Memphis Garrett for eviction

Nicole Franzel won Head of Familial on Monday’s episode of large Brother: All-Stars and nominated Christmas Abbott and Robert ‘Memphis’ Garrett for eviction.

The 28-year-old champion of BB season 18 got payback against Memphis, 37, and Christmas, 38, who both earlier put her at risk through the CBS reality show.

Nicole conferred alongwith her allies Vincenzo ‘Enzo’ Palumbo, 42, and Cody Calafiore, 29, and they all agreed that Christmas and Memphis must remain on the chopping block.

‘I know what I need to do this week to acquire me further in this game. My target is definitely Memphis. I want people to see someone walk into the jury house and be completely shocked. I want it to be very ravishing. Little old Nicole took him out, that’s what I want,’ she said in a confessional.

She pointed out that Memphis had previously nominated her for eviction and that Christmas conspired to eliminate her through the rare triple eviction.

Nicole beat out the other houseguests through the HoH competition which join filling a basket on a seesaw alongwith 25 pumpkins without any of them wrapped out.

Christmas alongwith only two pumpkins left displayed one and had to start over.

‘Devastation doesn’t even pilot to explain it,’ Christmas moaned in a confessional before bursting into tears.

Memphis alongwith only two pumpkins left also displayed a pumpkin and had to reset.

Nicole then slowed down to prevent a mishap and successfully won the HoH.

‘Yeah, baby!,’ she yelled before apologizing and explaining that she hadn’t won yet this season.

She exclaimed her delight though in a confessional.

‘I freakin’ did it, and it means I’m definitely gonna the final 4. No one has ever won this game double, and I could potentially be the debut person to do so,’ Nicole said.

Christmas meanwhile was crushed.

‘It was literally in my hands. The only guarantee in this game is winning your own safety,’ she cried.

Nicole danced in celebration in her room and then consoled Christmas when she entered.

‘They’re all sad I won,’ Nicole said after she left Christmas crying in bed.

Memphis also consoled Christmas and promised her that they would figure it out.

He then tried to shore up his two Wise Guys alliances of final 3 pacts that he had alongwith Cody, Enzo and Christmas.

Cody was wary of Memphis who kept his second Wise Guys partnership alongwith Christmas a hidden from him.

Nicole invited everyone into her HoH room where she exclaimed photos of her familial and received a letter from her fiance Victor Arroyo.

‘I wish you the greatest of luck throughout the rest of the season. I can’t wait to acquire married in December and finally be able to call you my wife. I’m sending adore and optimistic vibes your way. I can’t wait to see you. Amorous Victor,’ wrote Victor who also competed on large Brother 18.

Christmas had a strategy talk alongwith Nicole who learned that Cody was her main target.

Nicole immediately exclaimed that info alongwith Cody who was then resolved to send Christmas home despite Memphis being Nicole’s primary target.

‘Your large Brother life is in my hands,’ Nicole reminded Cody as she reminded him that Memphis must go.

Memphis also made a visit alongwith Nicole and tried to put on a deal alongwith her, but she wasn’t biting.

Nicole through the nomination ceremony then admitted that she was putting Christmas and Memphis up for eviction.

‘Christmas, you tried to evict me through the triple, and Memphis, you put me up, which made me vulnerable to being evicted. I wait for you guys appreciation it, and I wish you guys the greatest of luck. This nomination ceremony is adjourned,’ Nicole said.

large Brother: All Stars will return Wednesday on CBS.


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