Matthew McConaughey, Guy Fieri’s Friendship Is Straight Out Of Flavortown

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In the unlikeliest news ever, it turns out that Guy Fieri, the esteemed mayor of Flavortown, is total besties with hunky actor Matthew McConaughey, he of “Alright, alright, alright,” fame. Their nearly two decades long friendship all started because of Fieri’s hit Food Network reality show, Diners, Drive-Ins And Dives. McConaughey was so hooked on the show, he reached out to Fieri in an attempt to get a little closer to Flavortown.

People were a little surprised, and a lot confused, when Matthew McConaughey gave a speech in honor of Guy Fieri during the Food Network star’s Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony in May of last year. McConaughey delivered a stirring and heartwarming speech congratulating his friend of over 15 years on all his hard work, telling him, “You’ve been you the whole time, and that ain’t easy,” before concluding, “Congratulations on getting your star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, brother.” The depth of emotion with which McConaughey spoke was incredibly touching, especially considering how the men became friends in the first place.

“Fifteen or so years ago I was living in an Airstream, traveling across America,” McConaughey explained. While he was living a ramblers lifestyle on the road, the Lincoln Lawyer actor came across Diners, Drive-Ins And Drives, which soon became McConaughey’s favorite show to watch. He enjoyed the show so much, he’d deliberately search out places with an “open southern sky” so his satellite could pick up the broadcast.

Eventually, just watching the show wasn’t enough for McConaughey. He had to meet the Flavortown Mayor. “One day on the road I get the number of the host, Guy Fieri, and I call him up and I say, ‘Listen, hey man, it’s Matthew McConaughey.'”

Fieri provided McConaughey with tips on where to eat out and once the actor was back in LA, the two finally got a chance to meet up in person. “We cooked a lot of food. We ate a lot of food. We drank a lot of spirits. We talked about life, and we talked about being authentic to who you are, and that’s the night that I met you, Guy Fieri,” McConaughey recalled in his speech. It seems obvious now that the two celebrities best known for their laidback attitudes would get along famously. Though they definitely took different paths in life, it feels like kismet that Fieri and McConaughey found their way to each other. Two souls have never been so in tune.

Speaking of Matthew McConaughey in an Airstream, Gossip Cop recently debunked a bizarre story from the Globe claiming the Dallas Buyers Club star was living in an Airstream trailer to get away from his family. A source close to the actor dismissed the rumors. Similarly, a source from McConaughey’s camp refuted rumors that the actor’s partying and drinking was getting out of control. There was simply no truth to the story.

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