Megyn Kelly Exacting ‘Revenge’ On NBC, Fox News?

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Were NBC and Fox News executives quaking with fear that Megyn Kelly would reveal behind-the-scenes secrets of the media organizations? That’s what one tabloid alleged a little over six months ago. Gossip Cop gave the outlet’s prediction time to come to fruition, and now we’re examining the results.

The Globe reported that “Firebrand TV news star” Megyn Kelly was out for “revenge” against her old networks. The former news anchor’s new series of Instagram interviews apparently had executives at her former employers shaking in their boots with fear. According to suspicious sources who spoke to the outlet, “Megyn beat the networks at their own game” after she scored an interview with the woman the source claimed allegedly leaked the tape that proved “ABC had buried the Jeffrey Epstein sex-trafficking story years ago.” Ashley Bianco, the woman interviewed, denied being behind the leak. After seeing what Kelly had done to ABC, NBC and Fox News bigwigs were “terrified about what else she can say or do to make them look bad!” That’s not all they’re scared of.

Megyn Kelly “Scaring The Pants Off” Her Old Networks?

Since losing her NBC nightly news anchor spot as well as her daytime show, Kelly has since embraced the format of digital news media, and a source told the outlet that Kelly would “soon launch her own subscription-based digital news platform to take on the major networks!” The interview, according to the anonymous tipster, was pulled together by Kelly and “her own all-female crew” and aired online within 12 hours. “She’s scaring the pants off the networks and proving she can break news faster than they can!” the insider insisted.

Kelly’s “stunning return” to the world of breaking news “has left her former bosses and colleagues at NBC and Fox News circling the wagons about what she might reveal about them!” Kelly supposedly had “a front-row seat” at NBC during the Matt Lauer scandal, where it was revealed that the network had some knowledge of complaints made about Lauer’s sexual harassment in the workplace.

“Megyn also knows where the bodies are buried at Fox — where late boss Roger Ailes presided over a cesspool of sexual harassment,” confided the source. Other Fox personalities like Gretchen Carlson are under gag orders that prevent them from sharing their experiences working at the conservative media organization, “but Megyn is under no such restraints,” the source revealed. “They know Megyn has never been afraid of telling the truth — and that’s what they’re most frightened about.”

Gossip Cop’s Verdict

It’s probably clear by now that this outlet was just purposefully stirring up trouble where there is none. Yes, Kelly has no love for her former home NBC and that has become especially evident in recent days as the country reckons with its history with Black Americans. Kelly, who was fired from her daytime talk show for saying that it was once appropriate for white people to wear blackface for Halloween, has been loudly enjoying the fact that several NBC stars have faced backlash for their own history with blackface. Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon, and Tina Fey have all been confronted with their past use of blackface, which Kelly has gleefully called out. These depictions have been lambasted by critics for years, however, meaning that Kelly is far from the first to call attention to it.

And while Kelly has continued interviewing interesting and influential political figures, these interviews are released via established social media sites like Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Though she has an impressive amount of views on her various videos, with YouTube proving to be the most successful for Kelly, the amount of views lag far behind the ridiculous and overblown predictions made by the Globe.

To date, Kelly’s most viewed video on her YouTube channel has 1.5 million views, and it mostly focuses on the film Bombshell, with Kelly interviewing the other women depicted in the movie, as well as giving her own reaction. While it’s possible that Kelly will eventually launch her own “subscription-based digital media outlet,” it has yet to happen and there have been no reputable reports that one is in the works. Besides, during an appearance on Tucker Carlson’s show, she mentioned that she was enjoying spending time with her young children. The tabloid’s accusations simply don’t line up, which is why Gossip Cop rated this story as mostly false.

Kelly is no stranger to tabloid rumors. In 2018, Gossip Cop busted Radar Online for claiming the news anchor was planning to join The View. That simply was not true. A year later, Star claimed that Megyn Kelly was furious with Charlize Theron for refusing to meet her. Once again, there was zero truth to this reporting. It’s almost as if the tabloids are trying to get the story wrong in an attempt to be exploitative.

Our Verdict

While Megyn Kelly has continued to score impressive interviews, she’s by no means breaking news faster than her former networks. She also hasn’t experienced nearly as much success as an independent news commentator as was predicted, nor has she revealed any dark secrets about her former employers, though she has taken them to task for their hypocrisy, as have many others.

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