Prince Charles Willing To Let Camilla Parker Bowles Die Of Cancer To Avoid Costly Divorce?

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Was Prince Charles prepared to let his wife, Camilla Parker Bowles, die of liver cancer as a way to avoid a costly divorce? That the bizarre tale one tabloid spun last year. Gossip Cop didn’t have enough information to take on the story at the time, but time has made certain claims made in the story easy to disprove.

The Globe, of course, is the shameful tabloid behind this rumor. The outlet published an article early last year claiming Bowles had been given seven months left to live by doctors after a liver cancer diagnosis. According to a “high-level royal source” who spoke anonymously to the publication, Bowles had been riding high since undergoing an experimental treatment to cure a vague “liver problem.”

She felt more sure than ever that her “lifelong dream of taking the throne beside Charles” would come true. Then Queen Elizabeth II allegedly “ordered Charles cut out of succession to the throne, appointing Prince William and his wife, Kate, in his place” in December after Prince William supposedly revealed evidence that proved that Prince Charles was involved in Princess Diana’s death. Yes, this story went there.

Around the same time, Bowles received the bad news that her liver problems were back, and this time it was cancer. As a result, this tabloid, and it’s unnamed, unverified source, would have its readers believe that a desperate Camilla Parker Bowles threatened Prince Charles with both a “$450 million divorce” and a vow to “expose the royals’ dirty secrets if she isn’t made the next queen.”

It seemed as if Bowles’ Hail Mary play came back to bite her, since what she needed most was a liver transplant, and now Prince Charles was refusing to use his influence as a member of The Firm to bump her up the transplant list. “He says it would be a public relations disaster if the royals were seen to steal a liver from a desperate young person. But the chilling truth is Camilla’s cancer is the answer to Charles’ prayers.”

The so-called “source” went on to claim Prince Charles has “ordered aides to delay all divorce negotiations — shockingly hoping the cancer kills her before he pays her a penny.” Despite the fact that her husband was refusing to come to her aid, Bowles was still determined to get her way, even if that meant spilling everything she knew about the royal family’s private affairs.

Apparently, Bowles “has enough ammunition to destroy Charles and his royal relatives, from the truth about Diana’s death, to Charles’ cross-dressing and affairs with women — and men!” If a tabloid like the Globe already had this information, and it hasn’t “destroyed” the royal family yet, what would be the point of Bowles releasing this information?

This article just got more and more ridiculous the further it went. Why would Bowles threaten to divorce Prince Charles if her end goal was to be queen? Doesn’t that sort of defeat the purpose? Then there’s the bizarre claim that Prince Charles was somehow involved in Princess Diana’s death, an outright conspiracy theory that the outlet gives zero proof to back up because it has no proof to give.

Tabloids often hide behind made-up sources to spread their disinformation because it’s understood that if the outlet itself were to make those claims, it would lead to never-ending lawsuits. So the more shameful publications claim “sources” said the inflammatory statements, that way it has a bit of reasonable deniability. That’s exactly what happened with this story.

Absolutely zero reputable outlets have reported that Bowles suffers from any sort of liver malady, much less cancer. Gossip Cop searched for any media mention of Camilla Parker Bowles undergoing cancer or other medical treatment for her liver and could find nothing. It’s shocking that any media outlet, even one as ridiculous as the Globe has been time and time again, would stoop so low as to make up a diagnosis, especially a fatal one.

Camilla Parker Bowles did not have liver cancer, nor was she given seven months to live, which is evidenced in the fact that the Duchess of Cornwall is still alive and well. Prince Charles was never planning to let his wife die as a cruel way to save money on a divorce, which Bowles likely never asked for in the first place. If the outlet was willing to make up a supposedly fatal illness, why stop there?

Also, because it never hurts to point this out, Prince Charles will be the next king of England. Queen Elizabeth doesn’t control the line of succession to the throne, the U.K. parliament does. Prince Charles is the heir apparent and Prince William is second in line to the throne, but the only way he would ever become king before his father is if Prince Charles dies or abdicates the throne for whatever reason. Prince Charles actually has more control over who the next king is than the queen.

It’s no surprise that the Globe would publish a story so embarrassingly false. Last year, the outlet reported that Queen Elizabeth had ordered Prince Charles to divorce Camilla Parker Bowles. That was terribly false, Gossip Cop discovered. This was also the same publication that made the truly unhinged claim that Princess Diana’s “secret daughter” had come out of hiding to warn Meghan Markle about Prince Charles. Honestly, it seems like this tabloid prints more fiction than truth.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.

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