Prince Harry Fled Los Angeles Without Meghan Markle?

21 minutes ago

Did Prince Harry leave Meghan Markle to secretly return to the UK? One tabloid claims to have “breaking royal news” to that effect. Gossip Cop can debunk it.

In its latest bout of wild speculation, New Idea is claiming to have heard from a “source” that “rumor also has it that Harry landed into the UK last weekend on a private jet,” leaving his wife and son back in LA. Note that this source doesn’t even state for certain that Prince Harry went the UK, only that “rumor has it.” Accompanying this article is a photo of the prince exiting a plane holding a duffel bag.

The alleged visit came “days after” his father and brother “shared a candid photograph of the two of them to celebrate Father’s Day.” The tabloid notes that Prince Harry was “glaringly absent” from the social media tribute. “Harry would have seen the picture and it must have made him think about what he has done and what he is missing,” Phil Dampier, a frequent royals writer, tells the tabloid. Meanwhile, the unnamed insider finishes by claiming that the “all wish Harry was back for good,” but “the fact his wife and child are by all accounts still in LA, this is looking unlikely.”

Hang on, how can this “insider” claim to know that the royals “with Harry was back for good” when earlier in the story all they could report on was rumors? As usual with these ridiculous Sussex stories, there’s a lot for Gossip Cop to unpack here. Besides the fact that this “insider” is clearly either lying or doesn’t exist, there’s this photo of Prince Harry supposedly back in the UK. Looking at the photo, the fact that the duke is pictured wearing a winter jacket and hat should be an immediate red flag – it’s June, people. That photo was in fact taken in January, when Prince Harry arrived in Canada to join Markle and officially kick off his life away from the royal family.

Also, there’s that inane bit about the Instagram photo. To clarify: the official Instagram accounts for Prince William and Prince Charles shared the same sweet photo of them together (and it wasn’t candid, by the way), but Prince William’s shared it for Father’s Day and Prince Charles’ shared it for his son’s birthday, both of which are June 21. Prince Charles’ account also made a separate post for Father’s Day, and yes, of course it included both of his sons in it. The royal family may be full of drama, but you can be sure it’s not going to play out on their carefully-curated social media pages.

It seems the tabloid world will never get over Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s decision to leave the royal family, a decision, lest we forget, which was guided by vicious tabloid rumors in the first place. New Idea has been as bad as any of them. In February, the magazine insisted that Markle and Prince Harry were getting a divorce, claiming on its cover that the split had been confirmed by the palace. Shockingly, that wasn’t true. As Gossip Cop pointed out, the story inside was a complete bait-and-switch and was mostly about the divorce that Prince Harry’s cousin, Peter Phillips, was going through.

In April, the tabloid printed a story suspiciously similar to the one today, claiming that Prince Harry would be returning to the UK without Markle or their son Archie. This time, Prince Harry was supposedly “distraught” at not being able to be with his father after Prince Charles tested positive for coronavirus. Once again, the story was complete nonsense: Prince Charles had by that time fully recovered and been out of isolation for a month.

Clearly, this magazine has absolutely no insight into Prince Harry’s motivations. Stay tuned for Gossip Cop to shut down this story yet again when New Idea publishes it yet again in another two months. Keep trying, guys – maybe this time you’ll get it right.

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