Ryan Seacrest Not Marrying Shayna Taylor, Despite Taboid Claim

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Ryan Seacrest is not marrying Shana Taylor. A tabloid that recently claimed he was, is wrong. Gossip Cop can disprove the bogus story.

Earlier this month, In Touch incorrectly stated Ryan Seacrest asked Shana Taylor to marry him. The magazine claimed after the two had broken up several times, Seacrest finally popped the question to Taylor. An unnamed insider told the outlet, “He’s so happy. They want a big celebration with friends and family and are hoping they can do that by the end of next year or early next year.”

The dubious insider further alleged that after marriage will come babies for Seacrest and Taylor. “Ryan realizes he’s not getting any younger,” the alleged source continued, adding, “He’d like to have a kid or two, and Shayna’s been itching to have a baby too.” The sketchy insider concludes, “It just feels right to them.”

Unfortunately, the timing of this story couldn’t have been any worse. It’s just been confirmed that Ryan Seacrest and Shayna Taylor broke up after eight years together. “Ryan and Shayna decided to end their romantic relationship amicably some time ago. They remain, good friends, each other’s biggest supporters and will always cherish their time together as a couple,” E! News reported. Seacrest was also spotted on vacation with an anonymous woman the other day following the announcement he and Taylor had split. Note that the breakup was “some time ago,” so clearly the tabloid’s so-called “source” knew absolutely nothing about the former couple’s life.

Also, Gossip Cop already corrected the narrative that Taylor and Seacrest were engaged from In Touch’s sister publication, OK!, earlier this month. Both tabloids are owned by the same parent company, so it comes as no surprise to us that both were clueless.

Last May, we busted In Touch for falsely claiming Ryan Seacrest was quitting American Idol. The bogus story asserted Seacrest wanted out and was ready to move on because he had a lot on his plate. Gossip Cop checked with a source involved with the production of the show and was told that Seacrest wasn’t quitting Idol. Additionally, the host didn’t make the announcement he was leaving the show either. He went on to film the most recent season.

Earlier this year, Gossip Cop dismissed a bogus story from OK!, that alleged Seacrest was going to propose to Taylor on Valentine’s Day. A dubious source told the outlet, the host was going to propose on Thanksgiving but got “cold feet” and decided to ask on the holiday that celebrated love. However, this story wasn’t true. Since it came out months ago and the couple freshly split it’s quite evident Seacrest didn’t pop the question, then, or more recently.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.

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