Samsung Galaxy M31s hands-on review – gsmarena

The Samsung galaxy M31s is the latest in Samsung’s line of all too similar phones. It\’s the upgraded model of the Samsung galaxy M31, which is similar to the M21 and is an upgraded model of the M30s. All of these phones look very similar, have nearly identical specs with a few bits swapped around, and have all been released in the span of a year.

So what’s the situation with the Samsung galaxy M31s? Well, it seems despite the overwhelming similarity on paper, the Samsung galaxy M31s seems to have a different body this time around, even though it oddly doesn’t look all that different at first glance. Yet, there are sufficient changes here that need to go through a fine-toothed comb. These changes do subtly change the way you use the mobile, so they aren’t insignificant.

But as mentioned before, the Samsung galaxy M31s is very similar to the other two phones, especially the M30s, in terms of hardware specs. The display, the chipset, the memory and memory configuration, most of the cameras, and the battery are all identical across these models. This means if you already own a Samsung galaxy M30s, then you really aren’t missing out on much with the Samsung galaxy M31s.

But for those who don’t own any of these phones, the Samsung galaxy M31s could be an attractive proposition. We have a large, relatively high-resolution AMOLED panel, lots of cameras of varying focal lengths, and an absolute behemoth of a battery. Sure, it lacks some of the niceties such as a higher res display or a more modern Snapdragon chipset, but the Samsung galaxy M31s is cheaper than phones like the OnePlus Nord and the Google Pixel 4a.

So with all that in mind, should you be spending your hard-earned cash on the Samsung Samsung galaxy M31s? Let’s find out.

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