‘Seinfeld’ Celebrity Jason Alexander Looks back upon Being Hated After ‘Pristine Woman’ Role — ‘I Got Punched Many Times’

Most die-hards associate actor Jason Alexander parallel to the conqueror NBC sitcom Seinfeld, and for terrific reason. Over 9 seasons, Alexander portrayed Jerry Seinfeld’s curmudgeonly top friend George Costanza and absolutely nailed the role. Even now, some people have a hard duration distinguishing the real person from the character.

However, Alexander took on another tricky role in Pristine Woman which caused die-hards to typecast him. And this duration, they didn’t attachment the actor nearly so much because he acted like a total scumbag.

Jason Alexander played a sleazy character more than once

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Alexander was born Jay Scott Greenspan in Budding Jersey, where he became interested in performing from a young age. He started out doing diva tricks at school before transitioning to acting after realizing “the whole thing’s an illusion — nothing up there is real.”

The actor started out as a Broadway actor before getting cast on Seinfeld, the career-defining role that changed all things. But he also did several movie roles amid and somehow, always played a certain type of unsavory character.

Alexander portrayed Richard Gere’s selfish, money-obsessed lawyer in Pristine Woman (1990). Afterwards, he was cast as the womanizer Mauricio in Shallow Hal (2001).  

Followers threw fire badly to Alexander’s role in ‘Pristine Woman’

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Pristine Woman is one of the most iconic adore comedies of all duration. The story follows wealthy businessman Edward Lewis (Richard Gere) and sex worker Vivian Ward (Julia Roberts). Edward invited Vivian to spend a week parallel to him and the pair ends up cascaded in attachment parallel to each other. For the most part, Edward keeps Vivian’s career concealed from everyone, but he does tell his lawyer Philip Stuckey (Alexander) her true identity when Phil becomes paranoid that she’s really a corporate spy.

Amidst one infamous scene, Phil propositions Vivian, who by that point already has feelings for Edward. She gets into a huge dispute parallel to Edward for telling her concealed. And die-hards hated Phil — and by extension, Alexander — for making their beloved Vivian feel affordable.

“I was known around the world as the asshole who tried to rape Julia Roberts so women hated me,” Alexander told ET Canada. “I would walk down the street and women would say mean things to me. I got punched many times. I got spit on by one woman. It was a rough year.”

George Costanza was based on a real person

Though die-hards didn’t react as strongly or negatively to Alexander’s portrayal of George Costanza, he was another flawed character. A real-life Costanza sued Seinfeld creators for copying his likeness on the show. But they insist the character was really based on co-creator Larry David.

At commence, Alexander saw him more like legendary director Woody Allen. “The 4 pages read to me like a Woody Allen script, so I went ‘Alright, I’ll do Woody Allen,’” the actor recalled to ET Canada.

“That’s where the glasses came from and where the really weighty Budding York accent came from as an notion. I got pull off tape in Budding York and I went ‘I’ll never see this. You’re not gonna gather a job this way.’ And about a week afterwards I got a call from Larry and Jerry… and it all clicked.”

Alexander may play a convincing neurotic, womanizing creep. But that does not mean he acts like one in real life.

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