Steve Harvey And His Wife Marjorie’s Cutest Instagram Photos

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Though Steve Harvey and his wife are constantly rumored to be divorcing, Marjorie’s social media pages show a different story. The couple, who married in 2012, appear to be very much in love, and that’s obvious from the photos we’ve seen. Gossip Cop compiled the spouses’ best photos together, and we’ve got to admit, they’re an absolutely stunning duo.

Steve Harvey might be a radio show host, talk show host, stand up comedian, actor, and author, but he’d be nothing without his wife Marjorie. Their love story is almost unbelievable. It stands to reason that now that they’ve reached the “happily ever after” part of their lives, their photos definitely reflect that reality.

Though Steve is best known for rocking a pristine mustache, he’s shown that he’s not above letting a full beard grow out on occasion. Neither Harvey is dressed the least bit casual, but it’d be hard to find another photo of a couple more relaxed and at ease with each other.

One thing is clear from all of Steve and Marjorie’s Instagram photos: They love to vacation together. Whether it’s somewhere warm and sunny or cold and snowy, these lovebirds have traveled all over the world together.

It’s always sweet to see a couple who love each other no matter what the other does to change their appearance. Despite the fact that Steve’s beard was widely approved of, he shaved it off after his wife asked him to go back to the mustache. If that’s not love, then what is?

No one does glam better than Marjorie Harvey, though Steve doesn’t look too bad himself in this shot. His green velvet suit jacket perfectly complements Marjorie’s silver and gold fringe dress.

This sweet picture tells us: Don’t worry, I’ve got your back. It’s a clear message to all the gossip mongers out there who spread rumors that the Harveys’ marriage was at risk.

In fact, Steve and Marjorie took to Instagram to help dispel those divorce rumors. They humorously pretended to be shocked by the news that they were divorcing, with Marjorie captioning the video, “Awww say it ain’t so,” followed by the crying laughing emoji. It’s great to see that the spouses aren’t letting these mean-spirited rumors get them down.

One of the best things about being married is always having someone in your corner to support you, and clearly both Marjorie and Steve have found that in their partner. Every interaction they share reveals just how much they respect and cherish one another.

Both Steve and Marjorie Harvey have been married before, but it seems like this marriage has, in Marjorie’s own words, “renewed our youth.” How wonderful that they are able to enjoy life so much when they’re together.

Tabloids are a huge reason why the myth that Steve Harvey is going to divorce his wife has managed to spread so far. A common refrain in the tabloids is that Marjorie “walked out” on Steve, either because he could no longer afford her lavish lifestyle after losing his talk show or because he was “getting too close” to their mutual pal Kris Jenner. Neither of these rumors were true and neither is the assumption that Marjorie is even considering leaving her husband. As these social media postings prove, the spouses couldn’t be more in love with each other.

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