Tom Cruise ‘Leaving Hollywood’ And Moving To London?

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Is Tom Cruise looking to relocate to the U.K.? A tabloid claims the Top Gun actor could be permanently leaving Hollywood behind. Gossip Cop looked into the story. Here’s what we found.

In a new article by Life & Style, the tabloid alleges Tom Cruise is shopping around for a new home in the United Kingdom after being in quarantine at the British Scientology headquarters. The outlet maintains the actor took up residence at the Saint Hill Manor when the production of Mission Impossible VII was shut down due to the coronavirus epidemic. Since this occurred the publication alleges the actor is now looking to permanently stay overseas.

“Tom feels like he gets treated better there than in the United States. He got tired of all the Hollywood drama. The negative stories and the focus on his personal life never ends,” a supposed source tells the magazine. The so-called insider continues Cruise, “just wants to make movies and at the end of the day go home to some peace and quiet.” The tabloid contended since the actor sold his home in Beverly Hills, he “hasn’t missed L.A. once.”

“In London, he’s been doing Zoom meetings with fellow Scientologists and he seems to have adjusted well to living overseas,” the dubious insider said. “Tom’s about to turn 58,” the so-called source added, “He wants a simpler life, to spend time family, and he can do that in England.” The story concludes with the unnamed source claiming after years of traveling, Cruise has “finally found a place he can call home.”

While the actor does own a home in London, currently Cruise resides in Clearwater, Florida. There could be a possibility that he is looking for another home in London, but that has yet to be proven. Still, the tabloid is trying to insinuate that the actor was leaving Hollywood for good, which he hasn’t outright confirmed himself. Plus, Life & Style has created some very confusing pieces on the actor in past that we’ve corrected.

Earlier this year, we busted the unreliable outlet for claiming Tom Cruise wanted Megan Markle to star in one of his next films. The publication contended Cruise was “eager” to work with the Duchess of Sussex but didn’t specify which movie the actor wanted her to co-star in. Since the story seemed sketchy, Gossip Cop checked in with a source close to Cruise who denied the report.

Last year, we dismissed the outlet’s phony narrative that Cruise was upset that Katie Holmes was having a baby with Jamie Foxx. Not only was there no baby, because Holmes wasn’t pregnant, but they’re also wasn’t any actual proof Cruise felt a way about his ex-wife moving on with her life. Gossip Cop corrected the bogus story at the time.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop cannot come to a verdict either way.

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