Truth About Katie Holmes Adopting Another Child

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There have been a lot of false rumors claiming Katie Holmes is adopting a child. Many tabloids have claimed the actress, who is already a mom to Suri Cruise, was looking to expand her family. None of the stories have been true. Gossip Cop has rounded up the few times we corrected the narrative that Holmes was looking to have another child, by adoption or otherwise.

A New Orleans Baby For Katie And Jamie?

In December 2018, Woman’s Day alleged Katie Holmes and her then-boyfriend, Jamie Foxx, wanted to adopt a baby from New Orleans. The tabloid claimed while the two were in Louisiana filming separate projects, the former couple became “inspired” to adopt a little girl. “There have been a lot of official-looking visits to Katie’s trailer when Jamie’s around, and everyone’s thinking it could be lawyers assisting them with adoption papers,” an alleged source told the outlet. Gossip Cop learned, however, that the story was a complete work of fiction. We spoke to a source close to Foxx who confirmed the article was false.

Suri Cruise’s New Brother?

Five months later, Woman’s Day was busted by us again for claiming Holmes was going to adopt a brother for Suri. A supposed source alleged Holmes had a “hidden agenda” during her visit to Greece and was already preparing for the arrival of an “orphaned seven-year-old boy.” The magazine maintained Holmes was having papers drawn up but was keeping everything secret until the adoption was finalized. If the actress was keeping everything secretive, how did this apparent “source” know about Holmes’s plans? Also, the outlet was debunked by us months ago for being wrong about the actress adopting a child, and it was no different this time.

Katie Holmes Secret Son

Recently, we debunked the publication for asserting Holmes secretly adopted a baby boy. We’re not sure why tabloid kept using the theme of Holmes being “sneaky” to get it’s point across, but the story wasn’t true. Because Holmes was seen pushing around a stroller, Woman’s Day declared Holmes adopted a boy. A so-called insider told the outlet, “Adopting a child has been on the table for her and Suri ever since things fell apart with Jamie Foxx.” Nonetheless, the magazine’s premise was bogus. The stroller Holmes was seen by wasn’t hers. Holmes had met up with a friend that day and it was the friend’s child that was in that stroller.

If that’s not shocking enough, the tabloids have also insisted Holmes was trying to have a baby on her own. Two months ago, we debunked NW for alleging Katie Holmes and Justin Theroux were having a child together. The shady and bogus story asserted Holmes was not only dating Theroux but also her “already ticking biological clock was sent into overdrive.” Gossip Cop had already confirmed that the two weren’t even dating, and busting this story was easy.

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