Truth About Kylie Jenner’s Relationship With Tyga

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Kylie Jenner and Tyga have long broken up, but what is the state of their current relationship? Even after Jenner moved on with Travis Scott, with whom she has a daughter, the tabloids have claimed Jenner and Tyga could be more than just friends. Though Jenner and Scott seem to have since split, the rumors remain. Gossip Cop has rounded up the few times the tabloids were wrong about Jenner and Tyga’s relationship — or lack thereof.

Tyga Was Kylie Jenner’s Back-Up Plan?

Back in January 2018, HollywoodLife made a ridiculous claim that Tyga was Kylie Jenner’s “back up” in the wake of Travis Scott’s absence during her pregnancy. The website contended that Tyga was “stepping up” for his ex-girlfriend and waiting for Scott to fail, which Jenner was allegedly okay with. A supposed source told the website, “It gives her a lot of comfort to have Tyga there. He always texts her right back, even if she calls in the middle of the night, he picks up. In a lot of ways he’s more solid than Travis.” The story then paints Scott out to be the villain, claiming if he had been more attentive to Jenner she wouldn’t be “keeping Tyga around.” The bogus story was debunked by us we checked with a more reliable source, who dismissed the story. Scott and Jenner reportedly broke up late last year, and Jenner hasn’t started Tyga again, making this story extra silly.

Kylie Regrets Pregnancy?

A few weeks later, the often discredited outlet claimed that Jenner “regretted” getting pregnant by Scott. The bogus story asserted that Jenner was dealing with “major regrets” during her pregnancy and was “second-guessing” the biggest decision in her life. “Kylie can’t help but wonder how things would be different if her baby was Tyga’s. She misses her ex Tyga,” an alleged source purported to the outlet. The story came off very suspicious from the start. Plus, Gossip Cop had just busted the unreliable outlet for its previous story on the imaginary “love triangle” between Jenner, Tyga, and Scott. Also, the idea that anyone would outright say that they regret getting pregnant by their significant other is ludicrous, especially if they would tell someone who would immediately rat them to out to a gossip blog. We dismissed this phony story as well.

Kylie Jenner And Tyga’s Revenge Baby?

In October 2019, Gossip Cop exposed NW for boldly declaring that Jenner was having a “revenge baby” with Tyga to get back at Travis Scott. The absurd story sounded like a scene from a soap opera. The magazine said that shortly after her breakup with Scott, Jenner schemed to have a child with Tyga. “Ky wants a second baby, but Travis isn’t ready to give her all that she wants,” an alleged insider told the publication, adding that this is what led Jenner “back into Tyga’s arms.” Gossip Cop explained that this all stemmed from Jenner’s visit to Tyga’s studio, which the beauty mogul clarified as her just dropping off her friends at a recording studio that Tyga happened to be using.

Tyga Was Going To Be The Second Baby Daddy?

However, a few weeks later, the tabloid Heat recycled the same narrative by alleging that Jenner wanted Tyga to be her second baby daddy. The dubious story not only was false, but it was flat-out degrading. The magazine used the words of an unnamed source that purported, “It’s an open secret that they’re hooking up. They’re fooling around in the bedroom and Kylie says she’s not too concerned about protection. If she accidentally got pregnant, she’d probably be happy about it.” Gossip Cop wasted no time in correcting the insulting story by noting we had already debunked this tired storyline. There was also no actual proof to support this bold accusation.

As of now, Kylie Jenner is focusing on co-parenting Stormi with Travis Scott, although there are some whispers that the two may be back together. She even made a sweet post dedicated to Scott for Father’s Day, including a snapshot of several of the framed photos of Scott and their daughter. Nonetheless, we can assure everyone there isn’t anything going on between Tyga and Jenner.

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