Truth About Miley Cyrus’ Mental Health

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After making a name for herself as a child star and singer, Miley Cyrus developed something of a “wild child” reputation that has continued to follow her even after it’s no longer applicable. Gossip Cop has busted more than our fair share of phony tabloid rumors about Cyrus supposedly struggling with mental health issues. Here are a few of the most outrageous.

Did She Get Admitted To A Psych Ward?

In August 2019, just a few days before Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth announced their split, NW wrote that the pop star’s family was considering putting her in a psych ward to save the marriage. “It’s apparent to everyone that she’s back in a dark place,” a suspicious source told the tabloid, contending that her family was “telling her to face up to her demons and seek treatment before it’s too late.” The tipster added, ”if it saves her marriage, it’ll be a small price to pay.”

The story was nonsense. Gossip Cop was told by a spokesperson for Miley Cyrus that the story was “absurd.” At the time, Cyrus had been busy on a world tour and hadn’t displayed any of the “dark place” behavior that the tabloid vaguely alluded to. Hemsworth and Cyrus would also announce their breakup the following week, so it kind of seems like their marriage was already over at that point.

Did Miley Cyrus Act Out For Liam Hemsworth’s Attention?

That October, Star published a story alleging that Cyrus was engaging in “increasingly erratic” behavior to get Hemsworth’s attention. Cyrus had supposedly “gone off the deep end” by posting “half-naked selfies on Instagram” and engaging in a brief romantic relationship with actress Kaitlynn Carter, which her “friends” allegedly felt were “cries for attention.” As Gossip Cop pointed out, Cyrus has frequently posted risqué photos to social media, including for the duration of her relationship to Hemsworth. Her relationship with Carter was also really only documented by nosy paparazzi, so she wasn’t exactly trying to draw attention to herself with it.

Did She Go To Rehab For… Social Media Treatment?

Later that month, Heat got in on the fun by claiming that Miley Cyrus’ family wanted her to seek treatment for addiction to social media. That tabloid insisted that her fling with Carter and her new relationship with singer Cody Simpson were more signs that she was “addicted to attention” and should go to rehab to learn how to get off social media.

Gossip Cop reached out to a source close to Cyrus, who told us the story was false. There aren’t even rehab facilities that deal exclusively with social media addiction, and Cyrus had been sober for months at that point. The tabloid clearly had no idea what it was talking about.

Did Cody Simpson Send Miley Cyrus To Rehab?

To round out its insulting Miley Cyrus rumors, NW came back this March with a rumor about Simpson sending her to rehab after she found out about Liam Hemsworth and his girlfriend were expecting. Cyrus allegedly “lost it” over photos of Hemsworth’s girlfriend Gabrielle Brooks “patting a small baby bump” surfaced.

Several months later, Gossip Cop noted that Brooks was still posting photos of herself to Instagram which displayed no whatsoever. Also, even if Hemsworth was having a kid and Cyrus was having a meltdown over it (which he’s not, and she’s not), you can’t just send your girlfriend to rehab against her will. No matter how serious Simpson and Cyrus are about each other, he doesn’t have that authority.

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