Truth About Prince William’s Relationship With Rose Hanbury

Did Prince William and Kate Middleton almost divorce over his relationship with Rose Hanbury? A tabloid claimed the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were headed for splitsville over his alleged affair with Hanbury. Gossip Cop has looked into the story and other rumors surrounding the royal couple’s friendship with Hanbury.

Last April, the Globe asserted Kate Middleton was consulting with divorce lawyers after her marriage to Prince Williams “blew-up” following rumors that he was having an affair with Rose Hanbury. The outlet contended Middleton had a “meltdown” and confronted Prince William where she made “nasty accusations” which he denied. The duke’s supposed past comments about Hanbury being “the one that got away” added more “fuel to Kate’s fire.” “Kate sees the friendship in an entirely different light now. She thinks about William flirting with Rose, and she’s jealous and suspicious,” a so-called insider told the magazine.

Gossip Cop held off on reporting on this story at the time. However, since the article came out a year ago and there hasn’t been any confirmation from Buckingham Palace about a divorce, obviously, we’re going to dismiss this story completely. This was just another in a long line of stores that have tried to insinuate Prince William cheated on Kate Middleton with Rose Hanbury.

It Was All Kate’s Fault?

Around the same time last year, Life & Style contended Meghan Markle told Kate Middleton she partially “forced” Prince William to cheat on her. The unreliable outlet claimed instead of Markle giving Middleton “a shoulder to cry on” she took the opportunity to blame the “William’s wandering eye” on her. To add insult to injury, the fabricated story further contended Markle advised the Duchess of Cambridge “made more of an effort to glam up and look sexy, William would never even have looked at another woman.” The magazine’s story was not only insensitive but also highly inaccurate and over-dramatized. Gossip Cop found absolutely no truth to the story.

The Duchess of Cambridge Faints Over Scandal

Following this, the Globe purported Middleton collapses over Prince William’s alleged cheating scandal. The outlet allefged that the duchess was “tormented” by fears that her husband cheated that she “worked herself up into such a frazzled state.” The story continued this happened during the Royal couple’s “trial separation” and that Middleton “collapsed” on a bathroom floor inside her parents’ home. None of this was true. The Duchess of Cambridge did not faint in the bathroom nor was she in a “trial separation” with Prince William.

Kate Middleton Packed Her Bags?

A few weeks later, Star alleged Kate Middleton and her three children were living with her mother after Prince William admitted to “making a mistake” with Rose Hanbury. An unnamed source was quoted claiming Prince William told his wife he was “a bit unhappy” in their marriage and felt like the couple was “losing their spark.” Yet, given the tabloid’s track record of being unreliable when it comes to the duke and duchess, it wasn’t hard to debunk this bogus story.

In fact, Rose Hanbury was seen with Prince William and Kate Middleton earlier this year attending church. From photos, it didn’t seem as if there was any tension or drama between the trio. Moreover, Hanbury is also still married to David Cholmondeley, 7th Marquess of Cholmondeley, so the idea Hanbury and the Duke of Cambridge would involve themselves in some sort of extramarital affair is honestly prosperous.

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