Were Angelina Jolie’s Doctors Worried She’d Starve To Death?

A year ago, one tabloid pushed a rumor suggesting that Angelina Jolie was wasting away due to refusing to eat. Gossip Cop debunked the story as completely false. 365 days later, the story remains totally bogus.

This time last year, NW published an article alleging that Jolie was “faint, dizzy and breathless” upon returning home from a trip to Colombia earlier that month. A supposed “insider” claimed that the actress was “exhausted and malnourished” and had “refused to tell her aides the results” of a supposed doctor’s examination. The source added that Jolie could “literally go weeks without a full meal,” as if she was “on a hunger strike due to all the stress in her life.”

The story made no sense. Note that this supposed insider evidently couldn’t even explain why Jolie was refusing to eat. Gossip Cop reached out to a source close to Jolie to find out more. We were told that nobody close to her was worried about her bodily health, nor was she admitted to the hospital after getting back from Colombia. Her doctors were not telling her, as the tabloid claimed, that she had to “eat or die.”

With the passing year, it’s clear this story was just an invention by the tabloid. Jolie has not been starving herself. In fact, in a letter penned to TIME magazine she addressed how open she’s been in the past about her medical struggles. She famously underwent surgery twice, in 2013 and in 2015, as preventative measures against cancer. “I’m often asked how my medical choices, and being public about them, have affected me,” she wrote. “My hope is to give as many years as I can to [my children’s] lives, and to be here for them.” She clearly cares enough about her kids to take care of her own body.

Despite that story being obviously nonsense, NW refused to let up about it. That August, the tabloid reported that Angelina Jolie was being forced into rehab or refusing to eat. The reason this time was that she was supposedly “traumatized” over her eldest son going to college in South Korea. The claim was directly contradicted by a report from Entertainment Tonight about how Jolie had “encouraged him to travel nonstop.” A source close to the actress likewise told Gossip Cop that she had not gone to rehab.

This January, the tabloid changed up its story and claimed that Jolie was spending millions on “revenge plastic surgery” after discovering Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston had gotten back together. As you can probably guess, the main problem with this story is that Pitt and Aniston have not actually reunited. But let’s not go down that rabbit hole right now, shall we?

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