What We Know About Drew Barrymore Having A Third Child

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Drew Barrymore is the proud mom of two beautiful daughters. But what is the truth behind her having another baby? The tabloids have made a lot of bogus claims that Gossip Cop has corrected. We decided to round up the few times the tabloids have been wrong about Barrymore having a third baby.

Drew Barrymore’s Mysterious Third Baby

In August 2018, Woman’s Day falsely claimed Drew Barrymore was pregnant with her third child. The outlet contended the actress’s stomach looked “rounder” while she was spotted shopping with Cameron Diaz. This was the only evidence the magazine had to support its baseless claim. It also used the words of an unnamed insider who told the publication, “rumors were circulating” around Hollywood the actress was expecting. However, it wasn’t enough to convince Gossip Cop this story was accurate. After checking with a more credible source close to Barrymore, we confirmed the actress wasn’t pregnant, and debunked the phony story.

Single Barrymore Wanted More Kids?

A year later, the National Enquirer alleged Barrymore wanted to have another baby despite being single. The paper insensitively pointed out Barrymore was a divorced mom of two but wanted to have another child, particularly another girl. The tabloid maintained Barrymore sworn off getting married again but “wasn’t done” with motherhood. “She’s over the moon about being a mom and would love to give her kids another sibling!” a dubious insider told the Enquirer. Gossip Cop reached out to an individual in the actress’ camp who assured us the story was fabricated.

Cameron Diaz Inspired Drew Barrymore To Have More Kids

Earlier this year, Gossip Cop busted NW for asserting Barrymore was inspired to have another baby because of Diaz. A so-called insider told the outlet Drew Barrymore caught baby fever from being around Cameron Diaz’s daughter, Raddix Madden. “Drew just turned 45 and seeing how Cam did it at the age of 46, she’s decided to not wait around for a man to make this happen,” the unnamed source continued. The untraceable insider added the actress was considering asking her ex-husband for his sperm to “keep it in the family.” While we were sure Barrymore loved being around Diaz’s daughter, it didn’t inspire her have another baby.

The Tabloids Recycle The Same Tale

Most recently, we took a look back on a story we busted from the same tabloid last year that claimed Drew Barrymore was having a baby via IVF and sperm donor. The unreliable magazine asserted the actress was eager to expand her family but she was “done” with marriage. Doesn’t this sound familiar? The publication has been trying to use the same narrative over and over again about the actress with no substantial evidence to back up its claim. Nonetheless, Gossip Cop dismissed the false story. We don’t know what the future holds for the Never Been Kissed actress, but if she does have another child, we’re sure the story will come from more reputable outlets. Not these unreliable tabloids.

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