What We Know About Sarah Jessica Parker And Those Sex In The City 3 Rumors

Ever since  the release of Sex and the City 2, there have been rumors surrounding the possibility of a third film. While it seemed most of the main cast members were on board, it seemed Kim Cattrall wanted no part of it. Soon after, stories about a supposed feud between Cattrall and Sarah Jessica Parker resurfaced, leading to tabloids making all sorts of bogus claims. From Parker wanting to reboot the series with Lena Dunham to attempting to do the film without Cattrall, Gossip Cop has rounded up the most outlandish rumors we busted about Parker and Sex and the City 3.

SATC Doesn’t Need Kim Cattrall?

In October 2017, the notoriously unreliable website, HollywoodLife, falsely claimed Sarah Jessica Parker was trying to make Sex and the City 3 without Kim Cattrall. The story came out after Cattrall admitted she was “never friends” with her former costars and Parker said there was a possibility of a third film. The outlet took the opportunity to create more drama between the former cast-mates by alleging Parker “was happy” to move forward with a third film without Cattrall. The narrative was not true. Gossip Cop investigated the story and found out it was completely fabricated.

Heidi Klum Wanted To Play Samantha Jones

A year later, RadarOnline alleged Heidi Klum was begging to replace Kim Cattrall in the third Sex and the City film. The outlet alleged Klum was “dying” to replace Cattrall and was “kissing up to Parker to make it happen.” A supposed source told the outlet, “Klum thinks she’d be perfect for the role of Samantha or another sexy character to complete the foursome.” Even though the supermodel made a guest appearance on the television show during Season Four of Sex In the City, it wasn’t true that Klum was “dying to replace” Cattrall, as Gossip Cop reported at the time.

Sarah Jessica Parker Tried To Bribe Kim Cattrall?

A few months later, the magazine, Star, asserted Parker was trying to persuade Cattrall into joining the third movie by sending her gifts. The magazine insisted Parker has tried to reach out to Cattrall to make peace with her but Cattrall “made it clear that she hates Sarah.” An alleged insider purported, “Sarah has realized that Kim is the one calling the shots here – not her. So she’s scrambling to make amends. But it may be too little, too late.” The publication’s phony story came from an interview Parker did where she stated she couldn’t imagine doing another Sex and the City film without Cattrall. Parker, however, wasn’t trying to bribe Cattrall into being a part of the rumored movie. A source close to Parker told Gossip Cop the story wasn’t true.

Lena Dunham Reboots SATC

Yet, Gossip Cop debunked the publication again a month later for alleging Lena Dunham and Parker were “rebooting” Sex and the City. After already being corrected for having no insight on Parker or the infamous HBO show, Star boldly declared Parker was “itching” to do another film with a “politically correct” twist to fight the current climate. “Sarah realizes that a movie with the original cast isn’t realistic, so she’s teamed up with Lena Dunham to reboot it as a streaming series, with a heavy focus on lesbian and Me Too-era issues,” a so-called insider told the tabloid. Gossip Cop wasted no time in dismissing the silly narrative and given the outlet’s unreliability, it wasn’t hard not to.

Samantha Jones Gets The Ax

Most recently, the National Enquirer claimed Sarah Jessica Parker was in talks to do a third film with Netlfix. Even though it was confirmed Sex and the City 3 was not happening, the inaccurate outlet alleged Parker was still trying to go ahead with the movie. The magazine further claimed Parker and the show’s two other main actresses, Kristin Davis, and Cynthia Nixon felt that “killing off [Cattrall’s] Samantha Jones character would give the ladies a new life challenge to deal with.” To make sure this was as bogus as we thought it sounded, Gossip Cop checked with a spokesperson for Parker who went on record and told us the story was untrue.,As much as we would love to see Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda sipping Cosmopolitans again, it’s sadly just not meant to be. At least not yet.

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