What’s Going On With Sandra Bullock And Bryan Randall’s Relationship Right Now?

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Sandra Bullock has been with her long-term boyfriend, Bryan Randall, for quite some time. The tabloids have taken this opportunity to make false claims about the couple’s relationship. Gossip Cop has debunked some of these ridiculous rumors and set the record straight on what’s the truth or what’s fiction. Here are a few bits of the gossip about Bullock and Randall’s relationship.

Bryan Randall Convinced Sandra Bullock To Marry Him?

Back in May of last year, the National Enquirer alleged that Sandra Bullock and Bryan Randall were finally getting married. The outlet maintained Randall “convinced” Bullock that he was “marriage” material after “proving” to her he wouldn’t hurt her like her ex-husband, Jesse James, did. The magazine contended the wedding would take place in the fall and the couple would exchange vows in front of several celebrity friends. This wasn’t true. Bullock admitted she wasn’t looking to get married again. Also, the actress’ spokesperson confirmed at the time that no wedding was ever taking place.

She’s Pregnant With A “Miracle” Baby?

Gossip Cop looked back on a story earlier this year we busted from OK! that asserted that Bullock was pregnant with a miracle baby at 54. The tabloid is infamous for claiming that celebrities were pregnant with a “miracle child” and Bullock was no exception. The magazine argued that Bullock and Randall finally conceived a child after “two years of trying and six months of IVF treatments.” Of course, the story was a little too far-fetched for us not to investigate it. As we suspected, there wasn’t any truth to it.

Sandra Bullock Pregnant Again?

This didn’t stop the tabloids from continuing to insist the actress was having her first biological child. Gossip Cop took another look at a similar story from NW, which maintained Bullock was pregnant over the summer of 2019. The magazine claimed the actress looked “bumpy” and there was “talk” Bullock was expecting a child with Bryan Randall. A supposed insider told the publication the actress was open to adopting again but becoming naturally pregnant was “ideal.” The story however was true. Given the article came out nearly a year ago and the actress didn’t give birth to a baby was proof the story was inaccurate.

A Secret Wedding Before Quarantine?

Most recently, we debunked OK! again for stating that Bullock and Randall secretly wed during the lockdown. A supposed source snitched to the tabloid that the actress and her boyfriend quietly exchanged vows and had a small, simple ceremony. The so-called insider added the pair wanted to make it “official” before the lock down started. This wasn’t true. Bullock didn’t make any announcements about marrying Randall and as we proved before, OK! as a terrible track record when it comes to reporting on Bullock and Randall.

Whether Sandra Bullock and Bryan Randall decide to wed or have children together is entirely their business. The tabloids should focus on getting their facts straight before throwing out any old tale.

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