What’s Really Going On With The ‘Live With Kelly & Ryan’ Behind The Scenes Drama

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Is there drama going on behind the scenes of Live with Ryan and Kelly? Several rumors have been spread by tabloids claiming Ryan Seacrest and Kelly Ripa’s time on the morning talk show is coming to an end or the two are mistreating staff workers. Gossip Cop has rounded up a few stories we’ve recently busted about the pair and the show. Here is what’s really going on.

Ryan Seacrest Is Leaving Kelly Ripa In The Dust?

A little over a month ago, Gossip Cop exposed the National Enquirer for alleging Ryan Seacrest was going to leave Live with Ryan and Kelly to permanently relocate to Los Angeles. The paper maintained the host was “ready to leave Ripa behind” but the alleged decision was “amicable.” It’s peculiar the tabloid would try to allege there’s some sort of issue between Seacrest and Ripa but then backtrack by saying it was a mutual decision. Nonetheless, the outlet asserted Seacrest wanted to settle down in L.A. and Ripa didn’t want to leave New York. After investigating the story, Gossip Cop found that there was no truth to it.

Los Angeles Is “Healthier” For Seacrest?

Several weeks later, Closer Weekly recycled the same narrative that Seacrest was considering moving back to Los Angeles permanently. An unnamed source told the outlet Seacrest wanted to relocate to L.A. because it was “healthier” for him but knew the move would create some problems with filming Live. Once again, the story was inaccurate. A more reliable magazine, Page Six, reported when the current lock down was lifted and it was safe to travel, Seacrest would return to New York to film the morning show.

Ripa And Seacrest Abandoned Their Staff Members?

The bogus stories about the popular talk show, however, kept coming. Exactly one week later, the website, NaughtyGossip, contended Seacrest and Ripa’s staff was angry at the pair for leaving them amid the coronavirus epidemic. The dubious website asserted the crew members from the show felt “betrayed” because they had “nowhere to go” once the outbreak started, while Ripa was in the Caribbean and Seacrest was quarantining in L.A. The story was highly over-dramatized. Ripa didn’t just hop on a plane to the tropics to spite the crew members. The host explained that she and her husband, Mark Consuelos, had already planned a trip to the Caribbean but were stuck there once the epidemic hit.

Kelly Ripa Is Quitting Live?

Gossip Cop busted the unreliable blog not too long after this for insinuating Ripa was going to leave the show if Seacrest permanently moved to Los Angeles. According to the inaccurate website, Ripa was not okay with Seacrest’s alleged decision to permanently stay in L.A. and that the show’s producers would have to choose between her or her co-star. A supposed source went on to state Seacrest would return to New York when it was safe to travel but, “Ryan is an LA type of guy. And now the door has been opened to him doing the show from LA, this will be something that is not going to go away!” Given the fact that we just busted the website a week before this story came out and that there was no substantial evidence to back up this premise. Gossip Cop dismissed this story as well.

We’re not sure how much longer the tabloids are going to continue to push this phony narrative around, but Gossip Cop will continue to correct any false reports about Ripa and Seacrest.

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