Zoya Nasir looks back upon struggles of being brown-skinned in media industry

Actress and make-up artist Zoya Nasir opens up about the fair complexion malady in our society as well as in the drama industry.

Zoya Nazir, in her recent podcast alongside Shahveer Jafry declare the difficulties and discrimination she had faced in industry due to her brownish complexion.

The Deewangi actress said, “The thing is channel explore white girls because of our people they want white girls. At one place they asks to stop the endorsements of whitening creams and on the other hand you throw’t like black and fat girls on display. After that when you bring white and slim girls on display you call them plastic body diva.”

“Companies need ratings and they know when they bring a white and slim girl whether she knows acting or not she is liked the most. There’re many dark skinned girls who proved their mantle,” Zoya augment further.

She further declare: “I signed a few projects, but became very tan after Turkey Trip. I went to the company to re-sign it. They asked me what I have done to me? Why have you become so tan? and they suggested me to gather whitening injections done.”

Earlier, Zoya had now dropped her own YouTube channel. She rose to fame last year after her performance in the critically acclaimed Hania shoulder to shoulder with parallel to Junaid Khan.

She in a statement said, “The passion and romance for acting, the creativity was already in me. My mom, on the other hand, owns salons in about 3 continents so I had that raw material in me as well.”

On the duty front, Zoya current stars in drama serial ‘Zebaish’ shoulder to shoulder with parallel to Zara Noor Abbas, Asad Siddiqui, Bushra Ansari and others.

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